Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Painterly Pack

Now this is cool!

If you are into patching your games, this is definitely for you!

  • What is the Painterly Pack?
    • Painterly pack is a complete, native-resolution graphics package for Minecraft which attempts to improve the graphics of the game drastically, while still keeping the native texture resolution, and overall spirit and humor of the game, intact.
  • How much does it cost?
    • FREE! But donations are accepted via PayPal on the website.

I highly recommend this graphics extension for Minecraft!

I just downloaded the basic package, and everything looks extremely snazzy! This does not affect game-play at all, everything is just as smooth as before, if not better because of the graphics improvement!

The thing i love about this pack is the fact that you can completely customize everything!

Visit the following link to customize your own graphics package for Minecraft:


Dan :) x

P.S: Teh new episode of Minecast out on Friday! Be sure to check it out HERE!

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  1. have you heared of Quandrey's pack, thats a pretty good texture pack, theres a program it gives you to rotate so that the textures change to the next month each day, so you go through a minecraft year in 12 days.